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Modular KingKong chiller
  • Modular KingKong chiller
  • Modular KingKong chiller
  • Modular KingKong chiller

Modular KingKong chiller

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Country of manufacture:Russia

1. Technology of a combination of four compressors

Compressors of world brands for achievement of 4-staged adjustment of power are chosen. Thus, PSNN (IPLV) increases by 28%; at the same time, devices can be started with loading 25% that reduces starting current of devices.

2. Effective exchange of heat from air

Vertically located design eliminates the defect which was available in V-shaped heat exchangers from air

efficiency of the condenser increased by 20%

3. A highly effective copper pipe in internal grooves (IGT)

Special much thinner copper tubes with internal grooves in the modular chiller increased efficiency of heat exchange more than for 10% in comparison with usual tubes.

4. Double anticorrosive technology

The case of external blocks is manufactured of galvanized metals that increases its resistance of corrosion thanks to the technology of dispersion of powder increasing corrosion stability

5. Double protection against low pressure

Double protection against low pressure provides full protection of the compressor, guaranteeing safe work and prolonging compressor service life.

6. Clever defrosting

Function of clever defrosting increases efficiency of heating for 10%.

7. Bigger range of working temperature

Cooling mode: at ambient temperature-5 ~ 52 ,

Heating mode: at ambient temperature-15 ~ 27

8. Block design

Are available the 2nd model of various power - 65 kW and 130 kW. They can work together, depending on requirements of the user. The maximum number of blocks in system - 8. At connection of several blocks, any of them can be made the main thing. The main block works with other subordinated blocks according to the requirement.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 08.02.2018

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